Sunday, 11 May 2008

Class leader

Heeeey guys.

First of all, a big sorry for not posting in the last...err...long time, I've been crazy busy with Raids, and exams that are coming up, but i promise i have 3 really big posts in the works. They should be done soon for you, but until then you will have to do with this awesome new update to my rogue life.

My Guild, being the crazy bastards that they are, Have promoted me to the rank of Rogue Class Leader! YaaaaaaY

i now have access to certain rights and privileges, and of course some extra responsibilities (but good ones)

Let's look at what i *can* do now:-
  1. i now have the rights to invite, remove, promote and demote rogues
  2. i now have unlimited access to the guild bank (not to be abused though)
  3. i can now fully repair from the guild bank (to be abused, imo :)
  4. i can now access the Officer channel on ventrillo, to bitch about members to other officers
  5. i now have access to the officer chat, pretty much the same reason as above
  6. i can now see all the boards available on the Phoenix Legion forums, a lot of interesting stuff gets said here, so that's great
But of course with all that comes
  1. Now, like the elder rank before, i am in charge of looking after all the rogues in PL
  2. this includes spec and gear advice
  3. maintaining a reasonable level of active rogues in the guild
  4. Helping out with any general officer stuff (raid leading, giving out stuff from the gbank, etc.)
All in all, Quincey is a happy rogue again, and i am looking forward to abusin......i mean, responsibly using my new admin powers ;)

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Dennis said...

Congrats quincey..

Now remember to keep a very careful eye on Razerko :P