Tuesday, 20 May 2008

10 wipes, and lots of repairs later...

Lady Vashj - our number one fan favourite fish for many moons now, has tragically met her unfortunate end tonight.

Early reports suggest that she was attacked by a mob of around 20 people in what Azerothian NPC's (Nasty Police Characters) are calling a savage and brutal murder.

So far the Mob has yet to be apprehended and caught but the NPC's have released this photo discovered at the crime scene.

(warning the image is graphic and may frighten younger audiences)
as you can clearly see this is the handy work of the notorious group Phoenix Legion, who have been linked to a number of murders of late, the NPC Alliance does not seem to be able to stop their violent rampage.

We held an interview with a close personal friend of Lady Vashj, a (self declared) Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, a respected member of the community of Outland

Q- Sir Kael'thas what are your feelings to the seemingly random unprovoked murder of your close personal friend lady Vashj

K- *sob* This act was commited out of sheer maliciousness, i want to see Phoenix Legion brought to justice! if the NPC alliance was any good at their jobs they would have sent Hogger after PL long ago!

Q- Well im sure you want justice. but i hear Hogger is a little busy in Northrend at the moment, something about recruiting Arthas into the NPC Alliance. We have heard some currently unconfirmed reports that Phoenix Legion have got you next on their target list, does this frighten you at all?

K- Frighten? it terrifies me! in fact i don't think Ive left my Keep in nearly a year!, and with this tragedy i intend on locking the door! Only a very few raid boss dare walk outside their own homes these days.

Q- thank you for this interview Sir Kael'thas

So there you have it folks, Phoenix Legion have downed lady Vashj, and are now setting their sights on Prince Kael.


Dakkar said...

HA... that made me lol at work. Good show!

Samownall said...

Gz! And that was the best kill post ever so gz again :)
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